Why America is Hated 101

  1. We take everything for granted and have no idea about the world around us.
  2. We are big and produce a lot trash. There are just so many of us. Am I talking about objects or people?
  3. We are hypocrites. We said “we the people.. created equally…” and it didn’t include the colored people.
  4. Rich neighborhoods and executives are seldom diversified.
  5. Healthcare sucks. This is the land of the free? Nope. It’s a land owned by, and fully operated by money.
  6. Our whole history with Latin America. Native Americans. Africans. Middle Easterners. Practically the whole world. We have destroyed them all yet seldom know about it and go put more money in the military and weapons. All while public education is deteriorating. We are putting money in the wrong place.
  7. It’s hard to see a future here. I mean look at our president and the next candidates.
  8. A lot of us cannot do simple math. Do you know why we are “#1?” Because no other country has as much abundance of ignorance that the few cunning foxes have learned to take advantage of. It’s about extreme differences between the average people and the ones who run this country. The ignorance keeps getting worse and the laziness is not helping in any way to lead to a better future. What exactly would happen if civilians were to stand up against the authorities?




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Ahyeon Cho

Ahyeon Cho

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