What I learned Reselling

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  1. Shoes in great condition, preferably leather (sneakers are often profitable new in box..which you get in retail and also require a lot of research)
  2. Outerwear that is quality, high-end blazers only, winter puffer coats
  3. NOT vintage. Vtg may be cute, but it’s gonna be a slow sale and the margin isn’t that great. Also not as trendy since modern designs have a vintage vibe but aren’t necessarily outdated.
  4. Dresses…maxi, patterned, animal…mid-tier, high-end brands
  5. Bags. The more expensive the brand, the higher the demand. It’s insane haha
  1. No matter how the clothing fits, list the exact size on the label.
  2. Check for stains and holes from top to bottom before you walk out the door.
  3. Check on Poshmark the supply and pricing of the item.
  4. Have a detailed description.
  5. Poshmark has a 20% fee, which you must take into account to price your items.
  6. Timing and sharing are much easier with a built macro for chrome, so you don’t constantly share with your poor fingers. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a very popular condition in this modern era.
  7. This is an investment. Don’t get sidetracked into buying for yourself. Remember, you are shopping to resell.
  8. Take risks and be confident enough to pay them off.
  9. Your earnings are the reflection of your hard and SMART work. For example, are you keeping up with the trend? Constantly on the lookout? Are you doing everything by hand?
  10. Expand at a payable scale.
  11. Keep those receipts
  12. Boxes are free from USPS and you can also request pick-up services.
  13. So far since November, I have sold over 50 items on Poshmark and 50 on eBay as well. This is experience and from this, I can create a niche and a watchlist of categories and brands.
  14. Don’t forget this is a side-hustle and you need to sleep.




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