What I learned Reselling

Do you love to shop? Why not shop to sell?

Photo by Martin Adams on Unsplash

I used to browse on Nordstrom, Barneys, Saks, Vogue runway for hours. No matter how many pages there were, I would spend hours scrolling and favoriting items in all categories. Also, when I used to go on Instagram, I would see all the clothes I would style, the places to go..blah blah

Fashion has always been dear to me. It’s a form of art and also a dangerous place for your budget. They are all things striped and sparkly, small and surreal.

On my first experience with Poshmark, an online reselling business focused on mainly women's clothes, I was just trying to sell a coach bag I got as a gift and didn’t use. Fast forward to two years later, I am working almost as a full-time online reseller. I am still in school for IT, but this exciting side hustle has been keeping me busy since last Fall.

Nowadays making money is easier than ever. There are so many resources and platforms designed to communicate to different consumers all over the country and the freedom to choose your niche. At first, I went through my old stuff. That was not enough. I started to go thrifting with not much in mind and left with bags of great condition clothes that I personally thought was cute.

After studying youtube videos and many days of constant sharing and posting, I realized that I was not doing it the right way. I needed to do more research on the brands that people are willing to spend enough to cover your time and expenses and losses. It’s really an investment, something more physical and let’s say…pretty.

Mall brands and basics don’t do much in this competitive market. Especially after covid, retail has fallen big and people aren’t going out to impress but rather staying in with loungewear and hot cocoa. I have so many unsold items from max studio, LOFT, Ralph Lauren..Tommy Hilfiger.. they retail for a lot but do not have the same demand when used.

However, there is still a live market for affordable luxury. This is where the gold is.

Basically: here’s a list of items that are worth the time

so there’s basically that list. I don’t just do those items, I use eBay and mercari as well. However, eBay really does well in things that are not clothes or household goods..rather gaming items, computers and phones, books..

Here’s a list of warnings:

Good luck! Hope this helps and I will post again once I update my closet from my newly gained knowledge.



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