Wednesday Night


I got a 4-mile run, not much work, but joined a virtual drink & drawing group in the Bay Area!

I am excited for photography meetups and speed friending groups which I will be attending to break out of my lonely routine and discover more fun than training reading skills at the library.

I really liked the outfit of this girl I saw crossing the street in a bright yellow cardigan, brown cherry leather boots, and a floral dress with headphones. I would love to make an NFT of her.

I am excited to get better at running, photography, and socializing in general. Maybe become really good at tarot card much to do!

There is also a tearoom event…the thing about events is that you need to plan what you will wear and the driving…gas is over $6 now in SF..

I went to look at apartments earlier today, and finding a place in the city within my budget with parking and laundry is so difficult. I might just stay in the place I am currently for a while..

Will hit up Cathy on Sunday if she wants to go to the park with me for the starts at noon

I also want to get good at rock climbing and skating and skiing.

Also skincare, making a cute NFT, learn more about crypto and coding..apparently right now crypto and coding is more popular than ML..

Then there’s all the Korean books at the library I have yet to read

Ah.. the 9th day of March was a little rough in the morning, but there’s nothing that a good run can’t fix!

California turns you into a superhuman I think. The diversity, health, tech, art, culture, nature, people…everything is here and I won’t be turning back anytime soon.



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