The Problem with Education

  1. Instructor cannot give proper guidance or attention
  2. Instructor is unclear in directions and course outlines
  3. Student is not motivated because: student is studying for money in a subject they do not see value
  4. The student has no purpose or role model
  5. The student is distracted
  6. The institution runs as a company, not a source of support and education
  7. The support on campus is not enough
  8. Difficult concepts are not understood well
  9. Instructor has lots of problems and stress and is reflected on the course
  10. There is too much politics that prevents the instructor from presenting information
  11. Student has family and responsibilities
  12. Student has a job(s)
  13. Student cannot get a job because of visa, therefore motivation is lost.
  14. Student has poor health

There are a billion things that educational institutions does not see as a reason as to which a student cannot continue learning and stay focused.

It’s not time management of lack of studies.

It’s the distractions that come with the difficulty of independence

The first step to becoming independent as an adult is not just about passing grades.

You should be honored to have students at your institution. Once they become sources of monetary motivation, you will fail as an institution. No one will create meaning or add value to society from lack thereof.




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Ahyeon Cho

Ahyeon Cho

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