The Greatest App in the World

An app that prevents you from opening other apps. Genius?

Today felt like a Monday.

I am on Winter break, and really have projects that I would like to start.

  1. Brush up financial knowledge and find an accountant

These are my goals before starting 2023, and I kept getting distracted with my phone. I would hop from one social media platform to the next, scrolling and reading messages for conversations that really got me nowhere.

Yesterday, I had my final straw. My entire body felt drained from the screen time and guilt of almost 0 productivity and progress. My wrists were hurting and my eyes were bloodshot red. It was time to do something about it.

I always thought about the option to just get a flip phone. Nowadays, even flip phones are smartphones.

Then I went to the play store and typed in app blocking apps.

I ran into ‘Freedom.’

Was this the beginning of my freedom in this digital era?

At 12AM, I set the time block to 16 hours. The apps I blocked were mostly social media platforms.

And fast forward to 12 hours later, I have had the most productive day of my life. I was able to make significant progress and literally worked ‘nonstop.’ As a drug addict would feel withdrawal symptoms, I kept clicking on the forbidden apps to see if the 16 hours had been met yet.

The funny thing about the UX of this app is that once you activate it, there’s no way you can edit it. It just works, and you HAVE to pull through.

I saved a lot of time I would have spent scrolling through funny posts or stories of people I barely know in person. In just one day, I caught up with a week’s worth of work. I am even LESS TIRED than yesterday, in which I was working, but barely got anything done because of all the distractions I had. I even drank less coffee and ATE less.

Apparently, it’s only free up to 7 uses. This app has worked better than any other time-blocking or ‘focus’ themed apps out there. I have a VERY stable mood because I stopped overthinking and comparing myself to the lives out there.

Today, I am present with myself, got work done, and know that I will sleep well. I know that I worked hard today.

I think this is my new intermittent ‘app fasting’ routine. 6PM — 12AM is the new “me time” window.

I hope this keeps up.

So, for those of you getting ready for those #newyear’sresolutions, why don’t you check the app out?

*By the way, this is not sponsored content. I wish I could be sponsored.



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