My Own Magazine

Inspired by the Sartorialist and Humans of NY, I always had a goal to make my own magazine that shows the beauty of everyday people.

I would like to interview 1000 people across the world, and I would ask them the same questions.

I will start by answering the questions myself today, and then maybe bribe my way to get people to answer the survey.

  1. Photo consent Qs: Do I have permission to share your photo (Yes/No)? If not, how about a headless shot? Yes
  2. Where is your hometown? What is something that you do not like about it and something that you like about it? Orlando, FL. I wish it snowed on Christmas, but I do enjoy the sunshine and clean air.
  3. What is your favorite moment of your day (something that puts a grin on your face), and does it align with your interests/hobbies? Lying down in bed after a shower, after a productive day. Finding a nice book/webtoon to read. I love great reads!
  4. What is your motto/message to the world? Find every chance to find more beauty in the world you live.
  5. How do you relieve stress? Laughter, good food, shopping for all cute & pretty things, petting my dog, art museum, exercise, massage, playing cute RPG, library trip dressed nicely.
  6. What is a problem that you would want to solve for the world? Sustainability and environmental issues (overproduction, pollution, habitat loss).
  7. Who is your role model (from the past or present), and why? Angelina Jolie. Always graceful and stylish. Also has so much love.
  8. A song that you never get tired of listening? So many! But Sweet Pea — Amos Lee. What a Feeling — One Direction. Still D.R.E — Dr. Dre. Fly me to the Moon — Frank Sinatra. Anything Drake. Rude — MAGIC! Doin’ Time — Lana del Rey.
  9. Dream destination & itinerary? Bora bora, swim with turtles and dolphins while sipping on pina colada…or go to Milan with a camera! Or… go hug all the llamas in Peru. Or a big street food trip to Asia. I mean all of Asia.
  10. Who would you like to be remembered as? A funny, creative & stylish friend who never fails to make you smile.

Feel free to use this as a conversation starter!



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