You know, when you have this long list of things to-do, and when you try to cross one off, crossing that one comes with three more tasks to follow-up?

I had been pushing off my March to-do list by sticking with the bare minimum and then had to end up with a list that is nearly 10x longer than my February to-do list.

After one long weekend of “going out,” I have lost my sleep routine and diet. Still, no regrets. Mondays are supposed to feel iffy.

There has to be a will to get what you want in life. I at least started photography again, made new friends and made those calls. I have been slacking on reading, but still managed to get a lot of work done. My ankle is still healing, but working out regularly has been helping. I just have accepted the fact that there’s is no magic pill and your body wears out as you age no matter what. There is also no magic career, magical prince Charming, magical book that will hold ALL the solutions in life.

Today, the calls and appointments did not happen as I wanted them, and I had to deal with an account restriction on a freelancing site that was my main source of income. Still, I did not panic.

The e-mail has been sent, and appointments have been made. Classes will be open for registration, and as long as I am willing to code, there will be a job for me. Just one at a time, one day at a time.

One thing that I learned standing on my own, is that when things don’t go as planned, you should do what you enjoy. So, I am going to go to the gym, and worry about how to have more fun this week.

I no longer beat myself up for not getting things done the “right way,” or question whether or not I am “enough.” It’s a waste of time.

Somewhere out there, there is a way to make a good life for yourself. You need to keep rowing the boat, and work for the clues to navigate. While you navigate, it’s important to connect with people and see their lives to realize that you are also just as imperfect as they are, and relax a little. Nobody is out to get you, you are your own captain. Just be leery of people who make the same mistake twice. This includes you, especially.


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