How I became the worst Twitch Streamer


Wow, it’s been a while.

I told myself to write at least 100 posts, but I am back. I usually would write about random dreams I had, but today I have so many things to talk about.

Recently, I entered the world of gaming. I realized that I have a talent in something: being terrible at playing video games.

I have been told that I am the worst player that anyone has seen in their entire life, asked how old I am (thinking that I am either 4 or 98), that they gained pleasure in feeling like a god with their gaming skills as compared to mine.

So, I decided to just become the best worst gamer on the planet of the earth. Why be mediocre? Why shoot for the highest? Getting a 0% on exams is harder than scoring 100%. At least I am not doing it on purpose in my case. I have a god-given skill of being just incapable of understanding game play or even the map. I barely now how to use the mouse except my track pad.

I tried to play Valorant a few times, and I didn’t even realize what I was doing wrong. I had my gun pointed to the ground and made too much noise, got lost on the map and managed to miss every shot. I managed to rank at the bottom of every unranked game and was called to be below Iron. Like plastic. Or dirt.

I also blinded my own teammates. Luckily, they had just given up at this point and just laughed. I made them laugh!

The world of gaming used to be this little machine or app you open and do it senselessly, for pleasure. It was a one-way path to take to just get to the highest level. It was about unlocking everything and talking to the neighbors. It was smashing buttons and falling off cliffs. It was being stuck at any place that required wall jumps or intuition.

Then I was introduced to Stardew Valley. This made me money-hungry. I stayed up nights trying to get to the desert. I was so furious yet intrigued by the dragons in the dungeon. I still love this game so much and will go play some in a bit before bed. This is still largely a chill, non-competitive play. I do love breaking new records in the desert.

Anyways, then I started to wonder how games are made. Living in SF, I was exposed to a lot of the technical and business side of games. I was able to peek at what was below the colorful graphics. And no one would guess that I am majoring in Computer Science….this is a topic to be discussed on a different day.

After one year of digging into the language of computers, I can finally start imagining how a game function could be created from scratch. I am nowhere near starting to develop my own game as complex as Stardew Valley, but now I can enjoy the learning process as I see something I can venture into. A world with infinite growth potential, and most importantly: FUN!

I just want to have fun. Even if I get two viewers on twitch(@peach_bytes) and get trolled on the internet, I will gladly assume the position of being the worst gamer in the history of 21st century. I will try being the worst at every game possible, and hopefully become bad enough to make my greatest creation one day. It can be made so that anyone could play it, since I will be able to think all the ways a user could really mess up.

Join me on my journey as I learn the alphabets of gaming. I am excited to learn the various skills and tools to be the best terrible gamer.



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