Do You Remember

Once upon a December

MMS Falcons!

I always remember my Middle School graduation. I had gotten a 89.4 in Geography in Mr. Bovelle’s class in 6th grade, after immigrating to America in 3rd grade. I was still in ESL (English speakers of other languages) and English was still a language I was picking up. This wrecked my straight-As all 3 years record in the graduation ceremony…and yeah. Graduation was not fun. My mom commented on me not getting it and I was upset the entire car ride back.

I still mention this every time we have an argument. LOL.

Okay, but then to be fair, I remembered while watching Beauty and the Beast Tale as Old as Time music video. I had a recital for my keyboard class, and my mom had complimented that I was the best in the entire concert. I had completely forgotten about this fact.

I mean, in Geography class, I learned about the country of Djibouti. It sounded funny, but I would say that the geography classes was worthwhile. That cute curly hair that every girl had a crush on. I could just choose to remember the parts where I cried from getting dress coded, or the fun times in Stage Art in using a bucket of glue to make trees.

I could choose to remember just the part when people kicked my rolly backpack, or the one time I fell on the concrete floor running to class, or I could remember Kennedy who reached out her hand to help me up.

I used to always say that middle school was the WORST time of my life, but now that I think back at my innocence and the joy I felt with lovely people, it will be a cherished memory. I still am connected to my friends from middle school.

Thank you Ms. Elmer, Mr. Stefanick, Mr. Bovelle…all the English teachers, Mrs. Quinones, Mr. Specht, Mrs. May, the security lady, Mrs. Dancy, my bus driver, Gaelle, Svetlana, Irina, Lily, Emily (for walking home with me from the bus stop), Sara (who just called me Asian)..all the ones who made my middle school a cherished memory.

I mean even Mr. McDonald who I used to think was a pervert, but was really just trying his best to teach math to a bunch of hormone-filled, agitated kids in braces.

Yeah, I was a teacher’s pet.

If I could tell my 11-year old self one thing, it would be to not eat that pack of Costco string cheese. Good job for being yourself and sticking through. It feels hard and you wish you could be in a better place, but take a look around to those who make it worthwhile. It’s okay that you were creative and wore your mom’s old sweaters. Now you are a fashion photographer. It’s okay that you were carrying around that big violin case everywhere. It’s okay that the school bus conversations traumatized you. You got to experience dirty jokes from people outside of your usual nerdy circle. Now you make those dirty jokes.

I could tell this to myself anywhere I go in life, where ever stage I may be in.

In therapy today, they said I need to practice gratitude. Well, okay..I still have PTSD from peeing in P.E. class, but I will fight through it.



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