Diet 101

  1. You can eat whatever as long as it has some protein. If you’re vegan, I don’t know what to say. Toot toot those beans. Anyways, protein is necessary and gets rid of that emptiness you feel shortly after a meal.
  2. Drink water when you wake up and throughout the day even if you don’t feel thirsty.
  3. When it comes to comfort food or snacks, don’t cut it out all at once. Don’t even think that you are on a diet. Reverse your psychology. If you do let your brain know that you’re changing, the little devil might make you finish a whole ice cream tub after a buffet meal.
  4. It’s really important that snacks are out of sight and far from reach. I know that if I see cookies and chocolate I’ll eventually try to finish them… it’s called how our ancestors tried to store energy because food was rare then. Not so anymore. If you want a slice of cake, do it with a witness. Think of it as a rehab officer to keep you in check as you recover. Did you know that talking burns calories? It makes you think and your brain uses a lot of glucose. Grab a bite with someone and share the sweetness. Make eating a dessert an event, not an anytime grab-and-go. It’s a moment to relieve stress and get joy, not an activity of guilt.
  5. Learn to cook. You can’t expect to put cookie dough in the oven and expect it to come out as a salad. Same goes for your diet. Every time you put something in your mouth, you become a little bit of that thing. Don’t complain about veggies until you have learned to use vinaigrette and sweet and salty Asian sauces. Don’t go to Publix for them. Go to actual Asian stores and get the good stuff.
  6. Sauces and dressings aren’t the enemy. If you learn to keep a balance of tasty wholesome meals versus eating chips as meals, you’re good. Nutrients from salads are better absorbed in the presence of fat. Also if you knew all the ingredients to all the processed foods in your pantry you would flip out. Not all fats and flavors are bad!
  7. Learn about dishes around the world. Panda Express and Domino’s does NOT count. Find mom and pops restaurants and their lunch specials. Keep it interesting. Try to always pick one main dish with veggies and protein. You can skip the bread. But if you do, make it special. Don’t skip the butter. At least the image of bread won’t linger in your brain and make you want more bread. If you want it, have it. But don’t purposely stare at hours of food commercials in the middle of the night.
  8. At this point this doesn’t even sound like a diet, does it? So what is the point of this article?
  9. And then there’s health in general. Do you get sunlight throughout the day? Do you sleep well? Are you highly stressed? I know that when an exam is coming up I eat more or when periods are knocking on the door. Hormones are a big factor of your moods and diet. Well, just about everything you feel and do come from them. Maybe I should write an article on them, since they take a minute to understand.
  10. Age is a big factor. Metabolism slows down. Kids and a full-time job is a big factor. Not everyone has the luxury called “time.” Did that make you give up? Do fitness gurus and self-help books just make you more angry? Does the fit mom of three on Instagram with the perfect hair make you grab another glass of wine? Are you having money problems? Or marital problems.. mid-life crisis? I know that Timmy can’t drive to school yet or pack his own lunch.. if you’re a single mom there might not be any time for anything. If being healthy was so easy, there would be no obesity or hospitals even. But single young women end up with anxiety and anorexia. Look at honey-boo-boo. Being unhealthy comes in all shapes and sizes.
  11. Society has shifted to veil the fat as “beautiful.” Little jiggle, plump, yeah that’s sweet. Having trouble breathing while you sleep because your esophagus is filled with fat is not beautiful. Panting up the stairs is not beautiful. It’s not about what society says or vogue displays. It’s about your own well-being. Society or your special aunt at thanksgiving doesn’t care about you. The mean girls don’t care about you. You, however, should care about yourself. Every time snickers and McDonald’s commercial shows on the screen, they don’t care about you. They benefit from the fact that they don’t care about you. We are a country that profits off of the disadvantage of others. Where everything has to be profitable in some way. Candy is an invention. Mars company is one of the top ten companies in the world. It’s okay to indulge sometimes because not being okay with anything is called a sad life. Just know that you have been taken advantage over your ignorance and inability in life. Just be aware so that you don’t become a tool. And learn to get out of it.
  12. In conclusion we can say that health is not just a eat clean and sleep right process. It’s a complex ball of tangled thread that has been growing since the days humans learned to think. It involves every sector of the industry such as fast-food chains, wholesale markets, candy companies, advertisers, insurances, companies.. countless many others including you.. all trying to purposely make you fat. Just knowing how the world uses you and directs you might ring a bell in your brain to warn you before you make impulsive choices. Do you think Applebee’s will survive if they got rid of all the cookie crumbles? Think of one restaurant that only has healthy food on the menu. None. Exactly. Even sweet tomatoes has wall of soups and bread. Even a local vegan hut has vegan desserts. Why? Because humans are weak and tend to be lured by sugar. Could you give up sugar for the rest of your life? You know you can’t and you won’t. So let’s at least make it manageable by making special, not a habit.
  13. Another reason is for money. Less dentist visits, later hospital visits from heart related diseases. Less money spent at restaurants and less time arguing with your girlfriend about where to eat. Less time getting mad at your sexist aunt for calling you fat. Less time getting sad and unproductive. Once you convince your brain, your body will follow. Your body is but a slave to your thoughts. Convince yourself first. Stay woke.




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