Attention Deficit

Is this generational or just me?

I have my finals coming in a day. I also have work piled up.

I had more than enough time to finish beforehand, but for some reason…

out of ALL. THE. DAYS. I. HAD.

I decided that making new friends online was a priority over all the immediate concerns I have to do in life.

I regret this choice deeply at 2AM on this Tuesday that could have been great and filled with sweet dreams, but

I know that I tend to procrastinate MORE when I have pressure and freedom at the same time, all at once.

And when I tell myself to start working, I get distracted every 15 minutes. I might actually have to carve time and physically stop myself from opening a new tab or touching my phone. Maybe the problem is social media.

The generational attention deficit disorder and anxiety. Social media. Boredom. Whatever it is,

I really wanted to work on myself before “going out” online yet here I am.

This post is another distraction in itself.

How can I make this a skill? How can I make the most out of my day knowing that I can only focus on something for around 13 minutes without opening a new tab?

Something to think about…

And STOP sending me those ads from that ONE search I did years back…please….

unsubscribing emails takes a lifetime.

I keep forgetting I have a dedicated spam email address that involves cornbread.

Speaking of cornbread…oh no


I wish there was a mental sweeper that helps me refresh my mind and focus. All this garbage inside without a memory address.


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