A Summer in San Francisco

Just packed two bags and flew out of Florida

As a student taking remote classes during the Summer, I was able to go to Hawaii, Nashville, Chicago, and San Francisco and survive with just two bags.

How was it possible, and what did I pack?

  1. Get a gym membership and plan to shower there
  2. Airbnb/hostel with laundry included ~ 50$/night
  3. Instant coffee packets, must have hot water
  4. Lots of workout clothes, underwear, and socks
  5. Light hoodie, one thick jacket, loungewear set
  6. 1 of running shoes, casual comfort shoes, professional shoes, a blazer, pair of jeans, a pair of going out heels
  7. Small waterproof bag with very light makeup and basic toiletries
  8. N95 Masks
  9. Chargers
  10. Notepad and pen, a folder with resume
  11. Reusable dirty laundry bag which is also for shoes and groceries(eww)
  12. Hairstyling tool
  13. Laptop and laptop backpack

Other than that, really, you don’t need much to survive!

I enjoyed good food and sharing it with good people. Great memories are made with great people!

From taking a chance, I was able to land an internship for a startup streaming company. I also got to see where the future of technology is headed and learned a lot from the lives of engineers who build the products that we use every day.

San Francisco is the place to be, and prepare to walk some hills and feel the breeze!




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Ahyeon Cho

Ahyeon Cho

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