9/100 Normie Life

After studying with focus that lasted over 90 minutes, we walked along Market St. For the first time, I was not an observer, but an inhabitant of the street, and I got the answer to why Market St is so cold compared to other areas. A talk about thermodynamics and rate of conversion? Convection? Delta…

Three years ago, my friend visited Uber headquarters and fell in love with the place, then made it here. Three years ago, I was working as a server and was wanting to have a better way of life. We both flew to the city with ambitions. Now, we have bigger dreams. I only just realized how much more work is needed. At least I know that a lot can change in three years.

Of course, as soon as it became hot, it was complaining time. Then we both had to go pee, so the appreciation of scenery was long gone as we noticed the scent of pee and sewage every where. I think a bird even pooped on my eyelid a little. I will never say that with certainty: still don’t want to admit it.

There was a rooftop party on the apartment, bunch of people with their business tags were coming out of the same elevator. I would like to go to one of those, be one of them some day. Have to study more.

After attending Python class and learning about unpacking lists, the brain was fully fried. Watching three episodes of Squid Game in a row after a long brain-usage day isn’t much of a reliving experience, either. Everyone in the game is stressed about money and fear of survivial, but they still have friendship. I missed home food, but I am glad to be able to call San Francisco my home now. The Florida beaches will always call for me when I am blue, but now I have a favorite pie joint in the city. Both are great to daydream , but I must work on my dreams. One takes more patience and sweat.



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