7/100 Fort Drill

I slept on the floor last night.
Under the desk, inside a blanket fort of desks.

Did you ever build a fort of blankets when you were little? It was your own world. No one could enter without a secret password(“please” or “poopy”).

Why? Well, it’s fun to sleep inside a fort, but 90% was because I just couldn’t lift another piece of furniture and just wanted to crash right then and there. The unpacking and shifting around furniture, collecting all my hair(the whole roll of sticky rollers) and having to go down on memory lane(all the distractions) is a big time project. Not even the coming midterm or workout schedule can interfere with this personal project.

The cost of giving up on the nomadic life and settling down in a bustling city is the lack of space. The benefits for the cost are countless, such as networking among the smartest people in the world, having a big of Asian community, great food scene, the weather, getting support to dream BIG. The people who have migrated to San Francisco are hardworking, intelligent dreamers who often come from different countries or other humble backgrounds. We are working together to shape the future.

Also, it’s a very cliche story. The College kids or dropouts in the Bay area with a garage startup. I could say that in my 20s at one point I was sleeping on the floor and dreaming of AI. More fuel to the writing. Except that it’s three times more expensive to live as a beggar in SF than a bagger out of the valley. College kids living off of ramen is pretty far from destitution…as UC colleges’ out-of-state tuition and the cost of living(breathing even) in the makes a 150k salary(top 10%) live as a rat. So, it is naiive to assume that you can become successful from nothing. It takes everything, but when it just gets too hard, remember your right to drop everything then and there and go into your fort of dreams. Rest, then repeat. There’s no time for worries. Only carrying out plans and continuously failing.



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