#5/100 Lombard St

Photo by Fred Hood

After fasting all afternoon, hours after waiting for the Airbnb service to reply and a bad cup of instant coffee that tasted like burnt sweet potato juice, my friend convinced me to go for a walk on Lombard Street. I had been wanting to have pasta with wine for so long, but not on a rainy and tiring day like this!

The first pasta joint we found seemed packed. The paper plates concerned me a bit, but I was too hungry to bother walking further. I ordered a fettuccine bolognese and they ordered a pesto ravioli. After gulping down a generous portion to the last drop, we headed to the playground.

Swings after a full belly of pasta seemed like a great idea. Luckily the only open swings were the kid diaper ones that needs amputation of the leg if stuck, so we headed back to my “lovely” Airbnb on top of the hill. Ah, the hill. The whole way back, I had to pee. The past belly was making its best effort not to come uphill on my Throat Street. Still worth it. Any pasta joint you randomly walk into on Lombard is worth every bite.

I just wanted to go back to the place, have some coffee then complain a little more. Instead, I got my second cup of joe in a giant clear mug(the only cup in the Airbnb) and headed towards the famous Lombard Street, holding the very hot cup. Steps after steps. Tiny baby steps. Hills and hills(more like two slopes). All the tourists seemed to be amazed. I was just very adamant on getting to the top, taking occasional sips of hot coffee. After we reached the top, I could see the bridge with vertical glow strips. Lots of hydrangea.

Not many people could hike up the hill and have coffee with the kind of view. I guess I should stop complaining, right? Now I really had to go to the bathroom. Going downhill, the pasta belly was now really hating me. First, it was elevation. Now I was bouncing it downstairs.


You must recognize that the world appears as you wish to perceive it, no matter where you are. I wasted an entire day trying to stress myself out.
Nothing could make me happy if I didn’t allow myself to feel appreciative, even if I could have written my day in a more positive light or even stopped whining for two seconds. What is the point of complaining?
It’ll simply spoil MY day, which may otherwise be the best day of my life.

With pals and swings, adulting is more fun.
After a hard day’s labor, the fun gets even better.
Relax and just take in the scenery from time to time.
There are no other options.
No one is stopping you from pursuing your dreams.
Your mood swings will go unnoticed since the world is too busy to notice them.
Don’t miss out on the enjoyment since time flies by.



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