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What is the next best thing to look forward to after you get the first one done?

The art of marketing is all about selling the created concept in a hyper-interactive society that we live in today.

Over the past several months, well years, I have been in and out of trying jobs and majors in my own time. I started a lot of projects and never finished them, because I felt that there was not much of a solid and guaranteed light of success coming from the little experience I have.

I learned that there is no such thing as a spot you fit in, made especially for you. You must create your own path and your own space. And pay for it too, with your time, effort and tears(maybe not, maybe).

Well, after taking some time to study what makes my day go exciting, I figured that it’s the act of pursuing a certain lifestyle and image created for myself. I can spend HOURS browsing shades of pink lipstick. I get excited about styling an outfit, or making sure certain colors go together.

When you look at how a mixture of fish scale and sand with some preservatives and glycerine turn into this bubbly, kissable and luscious and lovely thing called a lipstick, it’s all due to marketing.

The most exciting part of the programming journey was some humor I found in the bit, nibble and byte concept and when a game I started(did not finish) building finally showed some images. I can either spend hours building my own program, or hours working on my portfolio in art, design and writing.

There are people in the city. There are tech people. There are physicians, nurses and the dogs. There are grocery owners, street vendors, musicians, bartenders, the homeless, the working moms, the aspiring comedians and street parking patrol officers. There are millions of people, talking in diverse languages with their own stories. I realized that I have to just focus on what makes me move.

For so long, I really tried to be someone who I thought I had to be. This is different from taking responsibilities, but picking the battle you want to fight. Choosing the right “arena.”

I have been wearing a T-shirt and hoodies for three months. From staring at the screen and sitting down for so long, I am turning into a blob with poor eyesight and malnutrition. I haven’t even started the real thing.

Advertising is for someone who is detail-oriented, quick-paced and spontaneous. I get a little creative spark here and there, and there’s all the components of imagery, art, branding, writing, design that lay close with my fundamental interests. In a few months, I will be finishing up the last per-requisite course to transfer into an online Computer Science degree program. Or, I take the advertising route. I still will get my degree, which I have worked on for what feels like a decade.

There are always options. I only have limited time.

Today, I looked at different volunteer opportunities for copy writing, to tie in with my freelance translator work and photography. As I am volunteering for a website related to my current major, I realized that I know so little. Realizations are great if it’s a learning lesson that inspires you to fill the gaps, but if it discourages you because you simply do not like the work, you don’t have to.

Many folks here can talk ALL day about all the new platforms and methods of parallel coding and algorithms..DevOps, cloud, front end, back end, the tools and updates..

I can spend all day looking at what I like. An example is when I go to Sephora and when the other person goes to Home Depot or Best Buy, or Game Stop. People have different tastes!!

I do not want to be drag myself in a career path which will take up most of my waking hours. I realized that I need to do something that I would in a heartbeat, sacrifice time, without being asked or even told.

So, as a start to my “advertising portfolio,” I will keep on writing, doing photography, and on Friday will go to a fashion networking event here in the city.

I will bring fashion to the hoodie clan here! It’s about time that this city gets a makeover…one pink lipstick at a time.

Now, it’s time to hit the gym. And get deodorant. Excuse my “woke up like this” zombie mode, I have been typing on my laptop since 8AM. I literally woke up like this and have not budged. Eww.



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