41/100 Metamorphosis

I cut off a voice in my head that kept asking to hold on. Deep inside, I wanted to see if I could fly. You will be okay. You are strong, and you can survive, on your own.

Being alone and being lonely are two different things. Being together and being in the same space are two different things.

I wish that I could have talked it out in a more mature way, instead of dragging it on and blaming. The burden becomes to heavy for both to be able to walk in different ways.

I woke up not feeling light, but a little more clearer. I am on the road again, but I will carry what I have felt and learned.

This one is to test myself. What I am made of, and whether I will do what I have told myself to be.

Friends will come, but family is always on my back, and the future is always unknown. The sun still shines today, and after a long day, the stars will glisten.

I am learning to focus on myself before comparing and wondering. Focus on finding, not searching. Eventually, you will find what you believe to find.

Today is going to be a good day.



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