38/100 2.22.22

If it doesn’t hurt, it might not be working.

A new beginning is an exciting and scary road trip. You must keep your eyes on the road, the music steady, and the tank full. There will be a rainy day, unplanned expenses, and the danger of an accident.

The thing about preparations is that things in life can only be planned so much. Now, I wouldn’t say this if I were launching a rocket to space or talking about having a baby. The planning does become easier if you stop listening to the why you should do something, but why you want to do something.

Keep digging the why.

For me, it was writing. Writing somehow fits my nature as of now. Every idea and experience can be instantly written about. Every lesson learned, facts gained, people you meet become a material. However, to be a great writer, or to be great anything, requires 1 percent passion and 99 percent madness.

There are only a handful of writing out there, after you filter out the marketing and informational brochures, that stick. Word for word makes you look deep within the perspective and think. At any place, any stage in life, the writing just clicks, and the characters are real. This was the case when I read Anna Karerina. The others were reading to study, to enjoy, to finish.

It is important to practice every day. That’s just one part of the whole puzzle. I was scared to start getting “serious,” but at this point, there’s no more excuse. I will connect everything I go through in a day into a form. Instead of venting or recording, I want to create writing that sticks. I will write about every law of thermodynamics or a relation in calculus. I will draw body parts to get the accuracy going. Then, I will go sit in a cafe and listen. Then, depict what I saw through words and art. Every corner I drive to, every person I meet is now an inspiration. To create a masterpiece. The one piece.

Becoming a master of anything will be a lot of … I don’t know, but applying the first law of thermodynamics, energy is neither created nor destroyed. So, you can’t pull out a masterpiece from a trial run. Why we choose to do things is important, but why keep doing it is to see what we are made of. It might start out of a random inspiration or urge, but the grit to keep on takes madness. Because we really don’t have to do anything in life. The beauty comes in the things we earn through effort. Realizations are a mere hypothesis before your next one. Wants are an itch you satisfy before the next. Life, however, is what we make of it. It will show you what you have put in.

There’s still work to do. Things that we cannot control. Bills to pay. But in all of this, I will keep writing. This time I will appreciate everything I am given(or thrown), but work for what is to be mine.



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