36/100 Burn with Bernadette

I had a random idea at 3AM a few nights ago, to create ten boot camps in a year, 35–6 days each, (365 days/year into 10) and make a theme for each boot camp, which is something that you always had on the back of your head, but never started.

All these projects that we want to try, but don’t. To celebrate the New Year, it’s about sticking through something no matter what happens and doing it every day as a focus for 36 days.

The list of the things that I want to do is:

  • Reading marathon (just read, read, read everything)
  • Triathlete training (become a gym rat)
  • Meet family, friends, talk to a new person every day.
  • Giving (just focus on gifting and giving back)
  • Photography, graphic design (NFT)
  • Learn a new skill, maybe Youtube or build a website, or become better at makeup, skincare
  • Sleep bootcamp (hibernate, all the sleep you missed out on)
  • Diet camp (basically fast, eat like a fashion model for one month)
  • Shopping (go spend on yourself)
  • Saving bootcamp (you are not allowed to spend)

The thing about building habits and new year’s resolutions is that when you have to commit for a long time, with already a lot on your bucket or to-do list, we tend to push it off.

BUT, if each goal is given a focus in a short, but significant enough period of time, it’s much more doable, and I can reflect on it, comparing the results within the span of time around a month or so.

I can say that in 2022, I accomplished a little bit of everything.

The list above was on the wish list, and the following is the actual to do list

  • physics boot camp
  • calculus boot camp
  • leet code boot camp
  • time management boot camp
  • writing boot camp
  • freelance boot camp
  • python boot camp
  • javascript boot camp
  • clean all emails and files boot camp
  • patience boot camp

Burn out with Bernadette. JUST DO IT!

I wonder if I force myself to do something everyday for 36 days, how long the habit will stick. Will I become sick of it, or become a master of all?

This boot camp project is to continue even with a full time job. The basic time except work and sleep is meant to be dedicated to the theme of the boot camp.

Maybe the sleep boot camp will have to wait…

What are your thoughts on this boot camp resolution idea?

What are some of your personal boot camp ideas?



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