34/100 A Dream about a Mother and Two Sons

I will explain later.

The streets of San Francisco are much narrow and packed. Each street are filled with people with their own stories. After doing doordash at night and driving up and down all the hills and alleys, I had a dream set in these vintage city settings.

The story was as a K-drama, where there is a company run by a family. A mother and her two sons. Her older son is liked by everyone, is easy going. The younger causes a lot of conflicts and is greedy. He is also the adopted one, and seems to love stirring trouble and never looks satisfied. This seems so on the outside. However, as the story unfolds, you seem to find a new analysis behind their characters(which is my favorite part of all stories).

I sat on the couch with my first boss, who was also female. I would get chills down my back when she arrived at the restaurant with her sharp eyes ready to nag about something. This time, we talked as equals. She and I were almost in a mother and daughter, or mentor to mentee, or some sweet lady you meet on the bench at a park kind of a setting.

When I mentioned the story line about the two brothers, she mentioned how within the whole company, the older one went to the University of Colorado(as in he has the educational background the company prefers) and is blood-related to the company’s chair(which is emphasized in more traditional societies). The younger one is much more capable, but he is not given a chance because he is adopted. The older one is always at peace not because he’s a great and giving person, but rather he does not see the picture. He is just a void shell, raised and grown to fit the family but does not have the means to hold the weight of the crown. The younger one, who seemed to be so stressed all the time, was actually the one keeping the company alive.

Being a mother herself, the boss also said that the mother in the story sees this and has a different kind of love for each. The first one may not be so strong, but she expresses her mid-aged son with grey hair as “cute.” She may argue often with her second, and although he is adopted she feels love for him as much as anyone would for their birth-given son, perhaps even more. When she sees him, it hurts her, as she knows him but cannot change how society and people are.

The last thing the boss mentioned, to make this all better was a highlight of a particular scene. All of the men in the family are sitting in front of the TV for some audition program. They all have a wristband from that event and are rooting for the same person. All four of them, in the same position with one hand on the ground and one on top of their knee, drag the wrist band from their forearm to the wrist at the same exact speed and motion, rubbing the band against their thigh while laughing at the show.

This was about two things that I learned recently from living life in my 20s. People hold stories and struggles beyond what is seen to the eye. Once you get to know their story, you finally understand their ways and feel more love towards humanity, life and comradery in the common battleground we stand. Some make the most out of it, some try, but cannot make it, and that mothers love us no matter what. There are different types of relationships that you encounter through life, and after years it gives you a different meaning once you get out of the circle in which that relationship existed. In all of this, in all the pain and drama in life, you can have a heartwarming laugh at the similarity of the “family” who may not all be blood-related, but have the same behaviors and characteristics. Nature and nurture. Yin and yang. Light and dark. That’s the beauty of life. I have learned to give the struggle the respect it deserves in 2021, and will not forget to enjoy and cherish all moments even when it gets too stressful in 2022. Life is just too short to sigh away.

Don’t forget to hit the gym and smile!



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