#31/100 Multiple Streams of Income

Christmas in Florida

Happy Sunday to all.

Today, I woke up at 7AM, got my coffee, checked my e-mail and then realized that it’s Sunday. I had breakfast with family and then drove my dad to work in order to borrow his car for DoorDash. I made $33. Then, I went home around 3 and then did some translation work while having dinner. I was super stressed about money. Things are slow here.

After some more orders from 5PM, I got home at 8PM. I made $61 more dollars. I parked home, and my dog and parents greeted me. They said good job. I am grateful for them. I finished some translation for a Youtube channel made for kids, then let the owner know of a slight spacing error in the Korean title. Youtube videos for kids… interesting source to make lots of money.

A family letter I translated earlier today mentioned ledger wallet, Open Sea for NFT trading. I also reconnected with my friends on Instagram and made a new friend. So much happened today. I even worked out for free at planet fitness for being nice to the manager. The thing is, after COVID, inflation is a real thing. Tax season is coming, so more people might be generous and spending, but this Christmas season seems a bit slow.

The difference from here to San Francisco besides the 30 degree difference in temperature is the tempo of daily lives, the vacant roads and the scarcity of homeless people. Also, everyone in Florida seems to be at least fifty pounds heavier than the people on the West Coast. My mom keeps feeding me; I have to watch out.

There is a typical FL outfit. Sandals, short, and for men their fishing long sleeve tops and caps. Boat shoes, trucks…

There were also a lot of deliveries of alcohol, and to nursing homes. Being in Florida makes you wonder about your post-retirement life. Where will I settle, who will visit me during the holidays, and will I know that I have tried the best I could while I had health?

Everything is not foreseeable for now, but hard work always pays. If I don’t plan for a good life, a good life won’t come handed to me. I can’t just cruise through life forever. I have to take on responsibility now, and know that I’m no longer just a kid under the wing of my parents.

I just want to relax now and watch some Korean dramas. Today was a stressful day thinking about how I am going to earn enough money to be considered as an adult. The new friend I made earlier is a senior in high school and she mentioned how hard life is as a senior. I remember that I used to think the same, too. Oh, I feel old now. I cannot even imagine what parents have gone through in their life..I mean..growing up is hard enough, but to grow up AND raise kids AND work? No can do…

Once a parent, always a parent. No matter how old you get, you will always be your parents’ baby. I don’t remember the last time I gifted my parents a nice present. I want to treat them, so I will work harder. Money is best spent on your loved ones. This Christmas is very warm.



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