29/100 It’s been a while…

There is a right and wrong way to do something. The uncomfortable version seems to always be the right version.

You must tackle the most daunting task and complete it, while progressing on side projects so that you prepare and not fall behind. Over-prepare and underestimate the time that you have for anything. When you take out 8 hours of sleeping, two hours of eating, bathroom, getting ready and showering, the remaining twelve hours are left for lots of tasks that have tight spots.

As an adult, you are told that you need to work on something quite every five minutes. It’s how you handle it that creates you.

To all of the adults out there adulting, still making mistakes,

you are doing a good job. Keep it up. Don’t beat yourself up, and be careful about how you treat others or events when you are tired and overwhelmed.

Making lists was easy. Marking calendars, too. But when you realize that even 15 minutes of a day is difficult to carve out for enjoyment, or the gym, or a phone call…you can only hope that keeping up the grind will someday get out a nice house with a nice Christmas tree and some people to share hot cocoa.

Tell your parents and loved ones a thank you. Everyone is fighting their own battles and carrying their own weight. Just one thank you will lighten up the burden. We all need it.


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