27/100 AWS and Pakistan Food

Table filled with food and chai tea.

Today was a good day. After the evening AWS class (I can now say that I understand technology a bit better), we headed to a hole in the wall Pakistani restaurant near Union Square(San Francisco). The place is called Shalimar(check them out: 532 Jones St, San Francisco). The cooks do not greet you, and drinks are self-served. That’s how you know it’s good. I recommend the beef and chicken curry with naan. It will keep you full for HOURS.

My Korean-English translation gig on fiverr is getting a bit of an acceleration. Soon, I will be able to make enough passive income to restart my paused adventures. Finals are around the corner, as well as Christmas. Christmas isn’t as exciting as it used to be before. I prefer to work at my own pace in the comfort of jammies. Amazon and COVID has revolutionized holiday shopping. If I were to go home for Christmas, I would be going to the least Christmas-y place in the world, Florida. Whether I am in San Francisco(the crowd is NOT rowdy), or in Florida, Christmas is still yet to be a tradition.

I have gained at least fifteen pounds since I started to learn coding and AWS. Studying takes a lot of energy and sitting down. I have dipped my toes in the developers’ working environment. I mean, there are triathlete programmers (very Californian) who have great organic diets, but the variety of food, level of studying, and drop in temperature makes going to the gym such a big commitment than when I was a free spirit in Florida. Well, this is all an excuse. I have been putting in too much creamer in my coffee and snacking a lot. Ever since I discovered Indian food, haha.

So diet starts tomorrow, eh?



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