23/100 Saturday

Last night, we had iced coffee during a late night movie watching the Eternals. The movie was terrible, and the heels hurt afterwards. However, even though the coffee made me stay up till 2AM, it was a Africa-Toto jam session kind of night. I also rediscovered France Gall.

The mood carries on till this morning, on the Coffee Shop Essentials playlist (https://music.apple.com/us/playlist/coffee-shop-essentials/pl.bfee2d8a4ba844acbbc289f35995881) on apple and listening while having coffee and thinking about playing piano or reading. There are no musts on the weekends, so there are so many options to choose from. I even made the bed, although it doesn’t look that aligned, maybe after some practice and becoming good at it, it will be something I become to value.

Heels, bras, makeup, working out, diet, getting certified, studying, even making the bed and waking up on time are all the things that I consider uncomfortable, or things that take effort.

Passive work would be sleeping in while scrolling through Instagram, drinking coffee, reading and listening to a randomly curated playlist. Easy to start and end. No commitment.

When we over-prepare and organize, do things that are a bit uncomfortable, our lives become a bit more comfortable in the long run. It’s hard to see now, but it’s best to practice before it’s too late. For me, the age when you realize it’s too late is ..never..but maybe 35? Will my knees be okay by then?

Anyways, enjoy the playlist. I will be watching Amelie today. A movie without much words.



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