22/100 Car seats and Queen on Snow

I had an interesting dream last night, from the full nine hours of sleep comprised of 62% light sleep, 23% REM and 15% deep sleep. I had a continuation of three dreams which I could recall, but the most interesting part was Queen of England honoring my friend and I some medal and her going off on a snow moped and landing face flat into snow. Her character as a powerful woman go-getter who is up for challenges was very inspiring.

There was also this jade dragon teapot with a pink cherry blossom handle that she pulled out in order to threaten a possible adversary…like her clutch signal tricks in a way. The jade pot has appeared once already in another dream.

The weirdest part of my dream was playing in the playground with two herds of toddlers and then carrying a sleepy baby girl who was curled up like a rabbit. I met a family at some fast food diner and then they confidently handed me their three children to go for a car ride in a run-down Honda odyssey. Then, there were two cushion car seats that had shoelaces as straps. I never saw the parents again.

All of the sudden the people in the car turned out to be my ex co-workers from a past serving job, and we were going to the mall. This is where I would meet Queen Elizabeth II, at a local mall in Orlando, FL.

A good thing about the dream is that I am sleeping better, and my imagination is back. The weirder the dream, the more writing material I get. There are so many exciting adventures that the brain takes you to fueled by childish imagination. Childish as in creative and daring. The people who do not question, but only believe first-hand.

Queens on snow moped rockets and big castles with jade teapots are real. Female leaders who fight in wars are real. Kids are real, and their ability to be cute as bunnies are real, too.

The takeaway: dreams are just an extended version of reality.



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