20/100 Work

SF Public Library

Yesterday, I went to the San Francisco Public Library(second time since June). Made a library card with a red kitten design, and borrowed a book titled “What Makes Your Brain Happy and Why You Should Do the Opposite.” I was at the library for three hours, starting at the fourth floor browsing psychology and technology sections(unfortunately outdated), then passed the startup section, floor six to see the terrace and an exhibit near the history archive room, third floor for music scores(reminiscing sonata albums), and the second floor which had new books (AI and other topics) and a Korean book section!

At the Korean books section, I looked through every cover as if I were in a chocolate store. I love Korean books for some reason better than American ones. The cute covers, the quality of the paper, brightness, soft font..the scent of newly printed paper..just something about them makes me ponder and mesmerize me into this abyss of childhood memories. I would be the girl in the corner with piles of books fenced around me during recess. I just love to read, and can read ALLLLL day long. Also from browsing all the floors and aisles, the relative time I spent in each section answered my question on what I would like to develop into a career.

Walking back, I stopped by Taqueria Cancun. The walk along Mission St wasn’t as scary as it used to be. There had been rain, so the scent of garbage and dog poop was now drenched in the muggy air. I had forgotten how hungry I was, or that I had class coming up soon, but the scent of al pastor caught my attention. I ordered my own custom plate with chicken, but I liked al pastor better. Next time. Oh, and don’t forget to add avocado.

This morning, I brewed a big pot of black coffee while writing translation gigs on fiverr. I am more motivated knowing that I was born to be a reader and writer. Better talking to books than people, in my opinion. Just throwing thoughts to the “web,” hoping to catch a friend here or there.

In the psychology book I borrowed, in which I am a third-way read, there’s a section on “auto-pilot. ” Basically, auto-pilot(daydreaming mode)is always on background, but takes control when we do something not of interest. My mind wondered when I was not physically working out, reading, or eating. How do I read at the gym and eat all day then go to bed while making money?

Food for thought.



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