13/100 The name’s Bond.

There’s a room of five people doing work nobody knows about. It’s exclusively inclusive. The work will not be known to any, and the people are not known to many. They are focused on a mission. The question is not about possibility, only principle. The mission must be done.

After all, it’s just a number. 007. Is it?

After all, Madeline is just a woman. Is she?

We choose the significance of things. We choose the things to value and purpose. Maybe the circle will be small. Maybe it will be unknown. Secrecy is very sexy in my opinion. Not to boast about what we have done. Especially in the era of oversharing.

To be woke in darkness. To have passion in the midst of infinity.

To live, not just exist. In style.

Back, biceps, black tie. Scotch, sex, science.

It’s an end to a new beginning.

James Bond returns.



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